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1. Misterioso

The following is a selection of reviews of Misterioso / The Blinded Man:


"Thoughtfully haunting and sometimes beautifully written, the first of Hjelm''''s cases to be translated into English is likely to resonate with readers of the Stieg Larsson trilogy" 
Kirkus (starred review, UK)

"Arne Dahl has created a school of his own within the Swedish crime writing tradition. He combines global intrigue with intelligence, suspense, and genuine literary quality" 
Lars Kepler, author of ''''The Hypnotist''''

"Loose canon Paul Helm and his character-filled team entertainingly chase multiple false leads as they hunt for a Thelonious Monk obsessed assassin." 
Metro (UK)

"[A] superb police procedural... Dahl has created a brilliant character and a terrific story, and should that not be enough, this is a classic cop-shop tale of the old school" The Globe and Mail (Canada)

"The Stockholm writer’s last two novels, Misterioso and Bad Blood, are literary sensations. 
/.../ His character studies of people in vulnerable situations are of top class within the European detective novel genre."
Die Zeit (Germany)

"…skillfully told. /.../ ..he describes our contemporary 
time without all the moralization typical of Mankell. Because of this, Misterioso is also a debut novel that’s truly worth reading."
Westdeutsche Zeitung (Germany)

"A crime novel that is truly worth reading."
Jyllands-Posten (Denmark)

"This is, without a doubt, one of the best Swedish crime novels of the year; well written, a good plot and a cold blow to the ways of contemporary society."
Göteborgs-Posten (Sweden)

"Arne Dahl´s writing is both raw as well as sensitive from a linguistic point of view. The various members of the spiced up Intercrime team get to share the lead role, so that the many false tracks simultaneously unfold in a tightly knit plot, which in the end offers top-notch suspense. It''''s really impressive."
Information (Denmark)

"What makes the novel extraordinary in comparison to other Swedish and international detective stories, is its originality and reliability. Arne Dahl seduces the reader through his precise character descriptions in a well though-out intrigue, together with a variety of amusing and very accurate expressions."
Funkhaus Europa (Germany)

"If you haven’t yet gotten acquainted with Arne Dahl’s crime novels, you have a lot to look forward to."
Femina (Denmark)

"Misterioso is a masterful crime novel."
Kristelig Dagblad (Denmark)

"It appears that Sweden has, once again, produced a brilliant and socially engaged crime writer."
Fyens Stiftstidende (Denmark)

"Three quick murders on a toptrio within the Swedish businessworld, all made exactly the same way, shakes the Swedish society. Rikskriminalen makes a special unit, the Intercrime, made out of six handpicked polices from allover the country. In the hunt for the serialkiller the businessmens beutiful fasad crackelates into a more filthy laundry of irregularity, perversions and transgresses becomes visible. The traces points towards the russian mobs ethnical branch, but in a direct confrontation it denies involvement in the Powermurders. Paul Hjelm and his collegues stands infront of a mystery where the traces finally crosses in a little bank office in Småland. Misterioso leads in the Swedish 90''''s, just like the forerunner Bad Blood (1998). Dahl once again shows trial on big stileconfidence and unusual skill in composing thick and exciting thrillers that characterises of depth and width both in and personal portraits. Dahl is on his way of creating a new big Swedish thrillerserie that reminds of Sjöwall-Wahlöös days." 
Btj (Sweden)

"This is with no doubt one of this years best Swedish thrillers; well written, with good intrigue and a bite in the society portrait." 
Göteborgs-Posten (Sweden)


"Mystery devotees who loved Mankell''''s Kurt Wallander, and crime-fiction ''''lifers'''' who still treasure Sjowall''''s and Wahloo''''s Martin Beck, will want to add Paul Hjelm to their short lists of international favorites"
Booklist (UK)


"Finely written… as beautiful as it is baffling… another primer on capitalist catastophe" Christopher Bray, Word (UK)


"I thoroughly enjoyed this taut and well-written thriller… An enjoyable debut from Dahl and definitely a series to warrant further investigation"
Raven Crime Reads blog (UK)


An intelligent and innovative read, I will definitely be looking for the next in the series Shots (UK)


Sein Erzählstil ist dicht, seine Figuren sind glaubwürdig gezeichnet, seine Geschichte gut durchdacht und geschickt konstruiert.
Westdeutsche Zeitung (Germany) 

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