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3. To the Top of the Mountain

The following is a selection of reviews of To the Top of the Mountain (Original title: Upp till toppen av berget):



"…obliterates every known cliché with a clear-cut prose never before experienced in the crime novel genre. His protagonists are utterly possessed combatants; bloody heros much like those of James Ellroy´s Cops – and, at the same time, sentimental revealers of truth and righteous fanatics. /.../ Keep turning those pages! Dahl is writing the best crime novels of our time."
Die Zeit (Germany)

"Swedish author Arne Dahl, born in 1963, writes detective stories that are social chronicles throughout, much like those of Mankell or Per Wahlöö – just not as melancholy and seemingly hopeless. His protagonists are very modern-day; his intrigues are brutal. /.../ Sensational!"
Die Tagezeitung (Germany)


"Rough, captivating, unswerving and enthralling crime novel with a completely unique set of rules. Dahl will become huge!"
Berlingske Tidende (Denmark)

"To The Top Of The Mountain is a hard-boiled, rich and highly believable work. It´s one of the best Swedish detective novels I´ve ever read."
Kvällsposten (Sweden)

"Something of the most suspenseful, rich and riveting one can come across in the crime genre."
Politiken (Denmark)


"A Swedish crime novel that unites the best elements of Nordic- and American police thrillers."
Jyllands-Posten (Denmark)

"If you´re looking for a book with a well thought out plot, an eloquent style of writing spiced with social satire and, last but not least, a book with no boring side to it – one in which even the police interrogations are interesting – you won´t find much better than this."
DBC (Denmark)

"This book is both chilling and highly suspenseful. Dahl won´t disappoint anyone. It´s a must buy on any true thriller fanatics´ wish list."
Expressen (Sweden)

"The story is swift and full of suspense – you won´t want to put this book down even when it''s past your bedtime. Arne Dahl has established himself as one of the country´s leading suspense novelists within this genre – the contemporary police novel. To The Top Of The Mountain is the most clever of his novels yet. The plot is convincing and well-constructed and the characters are captivating. Because of this the suspense factor is high and the presence of our own contemporary time is remarkable, without making the at times prevailing satire feel constrained or artificial."
Hallandsposten (Sweden)

"The many loose threads are skilfully woven together to create a believable story about crime. It´s a story that in turn relies on, but also acts as a commentary on, the developments in contemporary Swedish society."
Folkbladet (Sweden)


"If Raymond Chandler had been Swedish - and still alive - I would guess that he´s the one hiding behind the pseudonym Dahl. Not because there is any big resemblances in the way of writing, but because there is ''that feeling''. Chandler could have sounded like this 50 years later. Because Dahl is good, really good. Fast and smooth and just sometimes, poetic concentration in between, quick, mean and constantly exciting."
Dast-Magazine (Sweden)


"Arne Dahl sure knows how to raise the level of suspense in a crime novel to unbearable heights."
Nerikes Allehanda (Sweden)

"A truly rich an intense detective novel, all the way from the first to the last page."
Norra Västerbotten (Sweden)

"Top-notch suspense. /.../ Already after his first novel, Misterioso, Dahl became fully known to the readers of crime novels. Now, with his third work, To The Top Of The Mountain, the author hasn’t grown boring. It’s just the other way around. He is a shining example in a series of superb Nordic detective novelists."
Buchkultur (Germany)

"As its title reveals, To The Top Of The Mountain is a crime novel of immense magnitude. He (Dahl) is very direct and discloses all when it comes to gruesome depictions of violence. The novel is characterized by a heated milieu; it’s a sensual atmosphere in which the brutal and the intense lead up to a tough resolution. In contrast to Mankell’s character Kurt Wallander, who hesitates three times before even speaking to a woman, in this book sex comes before then the relationship. /.../ Because of this, Dahl’s crime novel paradoxically becomes a love story about the love shared between people who find one another, or who loose one another; tales about the love for life, those that come true or are denied. This is in actuality the novel’s theme. To The Top Of The Mountain is Dahl’s third crime novel. Fortunately, there are more to come."
www.titel-forum.de (Germany) 


Der viel gelobte Schwede Arne Dahl ist ein scharfer Kritiker sozialer Zustände, zudem ein packender Erzähler und auf dem besten Weg, Altmeister Henning Mankell zu entthronen.
Der Standard (Germany)

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