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11. Eleven

The following is a selection of reviews of Eleven (Original title: Elva):


"Above all the text is permeated with echoes from other literature: Almqvist’s monumental Törnrosens bok,BorgesHávámalDante and others. The singular thing about Dahl’s storytelling is the unbelievable lightness with which he weaves his extraordinarily polyphonic text. He does it without boasting his academic knowledge and without pretentious snobbery. /…/ It works well, and it is incredibly entertaining. /…/ With long crime series you always run the risk of the author losing his edge, in the end constantly delivering new variations of the same story. I don’t know of any other crime author who has handled this risk as efficiently and as playfully as Arne Dahl. In every new novel, he reinvents his good old characters—and lets them enter into entirely new worlds. Eleven is a pure pleasure to read. It is clever, suspenseful, humorous and diabolically sly."
Svenska Dagbladet (Sweden)

"Masterful book by the Swedish litterateur Arnald/Dahl."
Jyllands-Posten (Denmark)

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