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Many Waters

Many waters is the fifth novel in the Intercrime series.

Many Waters is perhaps Arne Dahl’s most personal novel, placing detective Kerstin Holm at the boundary of what is humanly endurable. It is a story of love gone extremely sour, which becomes the journey of a lifetime — and the reader is dragged onto a roller coaster ride of emotional extremes. Kerstin Holm is confronted with her former fiancé, who is accused of shooting an unarmed African refugee trying to escape deportation. It turns out that he is involved in a much more extensive game, a self-appointed biblical crusade of righteousness. This game forces its way into the most hidden corners of Kerstin Holm’s life and emotions, and leads the entire Intercrime team of the Swedish police to study the most disturbing parts of the Holy Scriptures in their quest for a killer who will let nothing stand in the way of his self-appointed mission. 


Many Waters was #1 on the German KrimiWelt-Bestenliste in May 2006. In addition, it was shortlisted for the Swedish Academy of Crime Writers'' Award for ''Best Swedish Crime Novel of the Year'' in 2006.


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