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 Afterquake, the ninth novel in the Intercrime series, is a nail-biting trip at breakneck speed into a precarious realm of terror threats and culture clashes. 


At 00.59 on August 5th, the nocturnal tranquility of Stockholm is suddenly broken when a subway car explodes. As the tabloid press blurts out its hasty and xenophobic conclusions about international terrorism, the most resourceful investigative team ever known in Swedish police history is assembled. The expression “nothing is what it seems to be” seems inadequate in this fast-paced hunt for truth, where new surprises wait around each corner – constantly turning established notions upside-down. The ninth novel in the intercrime series, Afterquake is action-packed, thrilling, and clever.


Afterquake was shortlisted for the Swedish Academy of Crime Writers' Award for 'Best Swedish Crime Novel of the Year' in 2006.

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