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Eleven is the eleventh Arne Dahl, and the book following the completion of the Intercrime decalogue: as such, it is something very different from what we’re used to, and yet so unmistakably Dahlian.

In this modern-day Decamerone, the ten policemen of the Intercrime team have gathered in a countryside manor to "compare notes" (as they said they would at the end of Eye in the Sky, the last Intercrime installment). During the evening, an eleventh character turns up, introducing himself as the host and author Arne Dahl, the omnipotent creator and erasor in this variation of Agatha Christie’s classic Ten Little Indians. Building a bridge over to his parallel literary production as Jan Arnald – but also towards a continuation of his crime writing as Arne Dahl – this ingenious set-up produces a collection of ten short stories reminiscent of Jorge Luis Borges; packed with doubles, murders, and writers, realized fiction and fictionalized realities in the Arnaldian post-romantic vein. In the end, the book sweeps its reader along on a genre-crossing adventure, the barriers between life and death, literature and life, high and low, the original and the copied crumbling before our eyes.

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