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TV Series / Films

Season 1

The first five novels in the Intercrime series have been adapted for the screen as a stand alone production. The series of films (presented as individual titles or as a mini series) was produced by Filmlance, one of Sweden’s largest independent production companies. 



       Ont blod / Bad Blood / Böses blut

       Upp till toppen av berget / To the top of the Mountain / Falsche Opfer

       De största vatten / Many Waters / Rosenrot

       Europa blues / Europe Blues / Tiefer Schmerz

       (Note: Original Swedish title / English Title / German title)


Season 2

The last five novels in the Intercrime series became Season 2 of the popular Arne Dahl TV series, produced by Filmlance. It premiered in February 2015 in Sweden and has been aired in the Nordic countries. No news yet about dates for further international distribution. BBC4 is showing the second season during October & November 2015.


International releases and distribution for Season 01:

Germany (first aired 2012 on ZDF). Also available on DVD/BluRay

UK / Great Britain: Aquired by BBC4. Premieres April 6th. Available on DVD/BluRay in June.

Finland (first aired 25 December 2011 on YLE). Also available on DVD/BluRay

Sweden (first aired 27 December 2011 on SVT). Also available on DVD/BluRay

Norway (first aired 2012, complete series in 2013). Also available on DVD/BluRay

Netherlands and Belgium (firt aired 2012 on Film1). Also available on DVD/BluRay

Japan (first aired 12 January 2013 on AXB Mystery channel)

Latin America (among others Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina, Brazil). Film&Arts channel, summer 2013).


All titles are available with and without subtitles (and voice dubbing) from local and online retailers throughout Europe. We cannot recommend or endorse any particular retailer, but these are a few sites that seem to have DVDs and BluRays in stock. Some of them ship internationally:

    Amazon.de (Germany)

    Discshop.se (Sweden)

    Cdon.com (Sweden)

    Cdon.dk (Denmark)

    Cdon.no (Norway) 

    Ginza.se (Sweden)

    Megastore.se (Sweden)

    Megastore (Europe / International)

    Amazon.co.uk (UK)

    Amazon.com (US and international)

    Bol.com (Netherlands)


Not all retailers ship worldwide.

Make sure you choose the correct edition (subtitles, dubbing, DVD/BluRay, region compatibility)



German trailers and info from ZDF.

Dutch/Belgian trailer from Lumiére. 

Dutch/Belgian trailer from Film1

German trailer available via Youtube

Swedish trailer for Misteroso  avabilable via Youtube

BBC4 trailer at The Telegraph. 


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