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His own words

To me the thriller or crime novel is the perfect tool to reach deep down into the contemporary human mind and society. While producing sheer reading joy (because it's so fun to write), I still wish to go one step beyond the conventional thriller. I want my books to leave a mark in the mind of the reader, a little moral question that can't stop rushing around in the back of her head.

But basically it is of course about pleasure, about recreating the best reading-experiences of my own life, experiences not like any others in the world. Experiences where you get caught in a different world and don't want to leave it. I simply write the books I want to read.

There is no other literary genre with the same inherent capacity to catch the reader. This is why I love the crime novel so much. It's about the search for the truth that we are all constantly involved in. In its quest for a past with as few lies as possible crime fiction is the best representation of the human aspiration and desire that I know.

The question I'm asking is really always the same: What's life really about? What is this short flash of light between two eternities of darkness? How do we use this all too fleeting time in the most decent and enjoyable way? And why do we have such trouble doing it?


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