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Press images

Here you can find press images of Arne Dahl. See the reference numbers on the chart below and download the appropriate image/images from the list on the bottom of the page (high resolution for print and display, as well as low resolution for web and online purposes). All images are free to use and distribute in any editorial and commercial use related to the books of Arne Dahl. All other use is prohibited.

All images are © Sara Arnald 2011 and this byline must always be included in any publication of the images.



arnedahl_B_web600px.jpg 2012-05-13
arnedahl_A_web600px.jpg 2012-05-13
arnedahl_1_hires.jpg 2011-11-25
arnedahl_2_hires.jpg 2011-11-25
arnedahl_3_hires.jpg 2011-11-25
arnedahl_4_hires.jpg 2011-11-25
arnedahl_6_hires.jpg 2011-11-25
arnedahl_1_webb_600px.jpg 2011-11-25
arnedahl_2_webb_600px.jpg 2011-11-25
arnedahl_3_webb_600px.jpg 2011-11-25
arnedahl_4_webb_600px.jpg 2011-11-25
arnedahl_5_webb_600px.jpg 2011-11-25
arnedahl_6_webb_600px.jpg 2011-11-25
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