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Chinese Whispers

Chinese Whispers is the first novel in the Opcop series – a quartet about contemporary, international crime – and the controversial Europol unit that is there to fight it.


A new and top-secret Operative Unit of Europol has just been established. Its members call it the Opcop group and Police Superintendent Paul Hjelm from Sweden is at the helm. Based in The Hague with connections and national units spread all over Europe, its mandate is to fight international crime. But although information about the Opcop group is strictly confidential, there has been a leak. The body of a dead woman is found in a London park arranged in a bizarre position, and inside the body a message addressed to “The Operative Unit, Europol” is discovered. At the same time, a furniture manufacturer in Stockholm is doing business with the infamous Calabrian mafia; an American investment bank is moving unfathomable sums of money; the workers in a Chinese furniture factory are growing ill; and during a G20 summit in London, a dying man whispers a strange phrase in Arto Söderstedt’s ear. Somehow, it’s all connected. The Opcop group heads out into a world where the Internet, social media, and the fluidity of national borders has globalized crime. The human greed, corruption and craving for power is the same. It has just found a larger arena.


Chinese Whispers was awarded the Swedish Academy of Crime Writers' Award for 'Best Swedish Crime Novel' in 2011 and was shortlisted for the prestigious 2012 Danish Academy of Crime Writers' Award for 'Best Crime Novel of the Year'.

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