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Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs is the second novel in the Opcop series


Over the course of just a few days three alarming deaths occur in different places in Europe. A plastic surgeon that supervised a secret EU project is found dead at his home in Belgium, it’s unclear whether it’s suicide or murder. An Albanian arms dealer is shot to death at a bar in Stockholm, and shortly thereafter the body of a Czech MEP is found on a prison island off Tuscany, stabbed to death. Although there's no apparent link between the deaths, Paul Hjelm and his colleagues in the Opcop group suspect a connection. And there seems to be a considerable risk of more deaths to come. 

The Opcop group, still distraught after the murders of two of its members, takes up the hunt for one, or possibly several, killers. But nothing is as simple as it seems and the traces all point in different directions. The only strong lead is that it all seems related to a notorious prison island where prisoners were abandoned without food and subjected to horrific scientific experiments. 

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