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To the Top of the Mountain

A Swedish family is on a road trip in Holland. Suddenly their car is blown apart in a violent explosion. The man, woman and little child inside it are killed instantly. The assassination is immediately handed over to the A-group to investigate. The man who was blown up was a police officer working undercover at a restaurant belonging to celebrity chef David Billinger. Billinger, a darling of the tabloid press, owns three hit restaurants, and is wanted by the police for suspected involvement in drugs trafficking.

Length: 180 minutes

Original title: De största vatten

Director: Jörgen Bergmark

Scriptwriters: Cilla Börjlind, Rolf Börjlind



Malin Arvidsson ... Kerstin Holm

Irene Lindh ... Jenny Hultin

Claes Ljungmark ... Viggo Norlander

Shanti Roney ... Paul Hjelm

Magnus Samuelsson ... Gunnar Nyberg

Matias Varela ... Jorge Chavez

Niklas Åkerfelt ... Arto Söderstedt

Vera Vitali ... Sara Svenhagen


Produced by Filmlance International 
In co-production with Sveriges Television, ZDF German Television Network, ZDF Enterprises GmbH, Filmregion Stockholm-Mälardalen, Nordisk Film Production.


More information, credits, full cast and crew over at Internet Movie Database (IMDb). 

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